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Free poker chips guide: how to win real money online?

Free poker chips to play for real money

Poker is one of the most popular game types in online casinos. It attracts millions of gamblers all over the world. This guide will tell you how to join the table with zero budget using free poker chips. You’ll also get the best tips on winning real money without investing even a dollar.

How to get free poker chips?

In general, poker fee chips no deposit bonus is required to receive this prize. All the gamblers have to register on the casino website to get it. There are 3 ways to claim your reward:

  1. Free poker chips are granted automatically after registration.
  2. You have to contact support service to claim your bonus.
  3. You use special code to receive the prize.

Note that the chips can often be used only in certain games. As for codes, they can be found on the web on specialized websites. Just make sure they’re still valid and that they deliver the best bonus amount possible.

How to win?

Every casino offers free poker chips to attract more paid customers. But is there a way to win money without depositing more funds? Here are a few tips how to reach that goal:

  • join the table with low buy-in and bets;
  • use conservative strategy at the beginning;
  • stop for a while if you’re loosing;
  • use money management;
  • choose games with the lowest house edge.

It’s not an easy thing to earn something using only bonus funds due to wagering requirements. Still, it’s quite possible, in case you follow all the mentioned tips. Moreover, poker usually has low play through rate, which means you actually have to redeem only a small part of total wagering sum.

How to play Texas Holdem in Android or iPhone app using free poker chips?

Casinos usually offer gamblers mobile apps to play Texas Holdem and other poker games. Moreover, you can get a no deposit bonus, if you’ll install the software on your device and register on the website. Mobile bonuses can even be more lucrative than regular ones. They often offer more chips and lower wagering requirements.

When choosing mobile app, you should consider a few things. First, make sure the software is provided by trustworthy casino and the program is safe to use. It should use SSL encryption to protect all the data. Second, the app has to be well-designed, so that it provides perfect gambling experience. At last, the software should give you access to all the games you like. To install the app just find it in the App Store or Google Play and press the appropriate button. If you don’t know the name, use a direct link to the web store on the casino website.

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